Day: May 9, 2019

Jeff Bezos Wants to Deliver You to the Moon

A little less than half a century ago, a pair of NASA astronauts packed up their geological samples after three days of roving and returned to Earth in the Apollo 17 lunar module. It was the last time that a human walked on the moon. Now the worlds wealthies…

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Here’s Why Airplane Boarding Got So Ridiculous

On a recent Delta flight, I discovered I had been demoted. Until this January, Delta boarding included a Sky Priority phase that put frequent flyers in the two middle tiers (Platinum Medallion and Gold Medallion) of Deltas four-tier elite flyer program toget…

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The Push to Not Name Mass Shooters Is Catching On

In the aftermath of Tuesdays shooting at a suburban Denver high school, where one student was killed and another eight were injured, Colorado District Attorney George Brauchler asked the media to adopt a no-notoriety approach. I know that you have an obligat…

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