Coronavirus lockdown protesters clashed with police authorities in Germany claiming whacky conspiracy theories were the true cause of the virus.

One theory suggests the spread of Covid-19 is linked to a Government trick to plant mind control chips into Germans.

German politicians warned conspiracy theorists were beginning to frustrate the country’s efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus following a spate of anti-lockdown protests over the weekend.

The protesters were seen carrying posters of those who have shown support for lockdown measures, including billionaire Bill Gates, Merkel and her medical adviser, Christian Drosten.

There is no evidence to support these conspiracy theories whatsoever.

Riot police look on as protesters stand on a water fountain in Berlin, Germany.Getty Images

Some of the protests in Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart remained relatively modest in size, while several overs resulted in violent clashes with the authorities.

On Saturday around 3,000 people gathered to rally against pandemic-related restrictions in Munich in defiance of an order which states that protests should not exceed 50 people.

“Hate-filled theories”
Police officers wrestle with a protester in Munich, Germany.Getty Images

Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said it was important to note the difference between free speech and unfounded “hate-filled” theories.

“Germany has a free media landscape that informs about all aspects of the pandemic,” said Seibert.

“Abtruse claims and hate-filled assertions, theories about evils machinating globally are something quite different.”

In the western town of Troisdorf on Monday, two people attempted to enter a supermarket without wearing the required face masks.

They were eventually arrested after reportedly attacking the police officers who were called to check on the disturbance, Dutch Welle reports.

Protesters gather to demand an end to coronavirus lockdown measures in Munich, Germany.Getty Images

An employee of the Federal Interior Ministry was relieved of his duties at the weekend after describing Covid-19 as no worse than the normal flu in an 80-page document.

Georg Maier, interior minister of the Thuringia region, told Der Spiegel magazine said: “The idea that the pandemic was deliberately introduced to control people and that Bill Gates and other dark forces are behind it, reaches deep into the middle of society.”

As of Wednesday evening, 7,778 people have died of coronavirus in Germany, according to John Hopkins data.

The country plans to start loosening border controls this weekend after two months of lockdown restrictions.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said checks on the border with Luxembourg will be dropped after Friday.

On the borders with France, Switzerland and Austria, all crossings will be opened, rather than selected ones at present and authorities will switch to spot rather than systematic checks.

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